AL JAZEERA AUTOMATIC DOORS & BARRIERS is a special contractors for supply & Installation of Automatic Doors & Gates for residential, commercial, private departments and industrial buildings.

Al Jazeera work closely with consultant at design stage to provide them right specification to satisfy the specific needs for each product.

Our aim to maintaining high degree professionalism at all levels, with the aim of providing expert, efficient service. The company’s organizational set up reflects this philosophy.

A commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards has played a key role in earning AL JAZEERA AUTOMATIC DOORS a formidable reputation as a company executing top quality products ideally sited to the harsh desert environment.

AL JAZEERA AUTOMATIC DOORS has grown to be one of the most trusted company in Abu Dhabi, UAE for supplying a wide range of automatic gates and doors. We are specialized in automatic gates and doors,low Voltage Division & Fabrication services also.

We study the market needs to satisfy you with flexible and complementary products often on hybrid and highly reliable installations because they are entirely designed, built and tested in a perfect manner.